DC Green

  • Our tomorrow started yesterday

    Our tomorrow started yesterday

    If we want to sleep in the world of tomorrow, we must act today to safeguard our planet. Taking this commitment very seriously, DesleeClama has launched the DesleeClamaGreen project. Several eco-friendly measures have been taken in recent years across the Group. The DC Green project aims to formalize these actions more under a common umbrella and strategy. We have identified 4 pillars which represenst the key areas where we believe we can make a difference: we want to lower our eco-footprint, reduce waste, use as many sustainable raw materials as possible, and act as a fair partner. ‚ÄčAll our initiatives will be audited by a 3rd party, following the Global Report Initiative (GRI3) rules.

  • Testimonial


    Why, at DesleeClama, tomorrow started yesterday …   Indeed, our future began yesterday. At DesleeClama “Green Thinking” is not a new discipline, it has been a natural reflex for many years. It is a way of conducting business in which we are constantly and quite deliberately questioning ourselves and reflecting on what, where and how we can continue to put this “green philosophy” into practice.   For example, the fact that we have production facilities on five continents considerably reduces our ecological footprint. Our production facilities are much closer to our end consumers, which in practice means that the average distance a meter of fabric travels from production to consumer has been considerably reduced.   Merely thinking about these issues can produce miracles. Why should we travel the world to talk to our colleagues when we can organize virtual meetings? This way we are also maintaining a deliberate low waste policy in our production centers, designing environmentally friendly products and continuing to be a fair partner in business.   After all, a company should be founded on ethics based on an ecologically and socially sound philosophy rather than a series of individual initiatives. Sustainable thinking is, and must be, part of the daily mindset. Less than that would not suffice it we want to create the best possible opportunities for tomorrow’s world.   Hans Dewaele and Jos Deslee