The history of Deslee Clama

Maurice Deslee founded Deslee in 1928. He combined his love for beautiful fabrics and design with a passion for craftsmanship and innovation. Three generations later, his legacy lives on in our high quality mattress fabrics, exquisite designs and our continuous search for the latest Technologies.  


iDC launches the “Challenger Collection” @ Interzum Köln 2013. iDC launches the novel iDC -application, which allows you to design and assemble  on-screen a new mattress.


iDC launches its first collection:  “Discovery Collection 2013“. Set up of the Innovation & Design Center (iDC) of DesleeClama, a multidisciplinary team following  the latest trends and technologies to bring the latest developments in sleeping solutions.  


Opening of DC Solutions, a new  Romanian production facility dedicated to the production of quilted mattress covers.  DesleeClama opens  DesleeClama China, a production facility in Dongguan, China. DesleeClama opens DesleeClama Baltic, a production facility in Tallinn, Estonia. DesleeClama wins 2 awards @ Interzum Köln  2011 in the category of ‘High Product Quality’ for Argentum and QuickFit.


DesleeClama Latin America starts with production of knitted fabrics.


DesleeClama takes a 40% participation in Mattex South Africa and becomes DesleeMattex in South Africa. DesleeClama wins 3 times @ Interzum 2009: 2 awards in the category of ‘High Product Quality’ for Thermic and Celliant and one ‘Best of the Best Interzum Award’ for EcoFair.


Opening of our plant in Indonesia and visit of Prince Filip from Belgium to Purwakarta.


Start of a new weaving and finishing production in DesleeClama Eastern Europe in Romania. New lamination-finishing line in Indonesia.


DesleeClama opens new production plant in Brazil: DesleeClama Latin America. Expansion of Indonesia production plant with knitting. Start of DesleeClama Eastern Europe, a new production facility of knitted fabrics in Rumania.


Opening of new offices in Beselare. DesleeClama starts with unique hotmelt lamination.


Deslee Textiles takes over Clama and becomes DesleeClama. DesleeClama unites all Belgian production activities in Beselare.


Deslee celebrates its 75th year and runs at full production in Beselare. The construction of new headquarters is started. 


New generation steps forward with Jos Deslee and Hans Dewaele as joint general managers. Launch of production unit in the USA.


The ‘Internationalization Strategy’ is launched with new logo. 


Launch of knitted mattress fabrics: Deslee Knitting.


Major expansion of production capacity at Beselare. Succession of Germain Deslee by Jos Deslee.


The second generation takes over Deslee.


Maurice Deslee founds Deslee.