iDC Innovation & Design Center

Innovate with DesleeClama

The bedding industry undergoes constant changes.
Customers around the globe become ever-more demanding. State-of-the-art technologies make better sleeping solutions possible. New trends are born and products go in and out of fashion.

Ben DucatteeuwRiding the waves of change
At DesleeClama, we want to help you to stay a step ahead of those changes. We set up a dedicated Innovation & Design Center (iDC) to respond to new trends and technologies as they happen. That way, we produce the mattress fabrics that your customers are looking for.

Our Innovation & Design Center at your service
Consumers are hardly aware of the fast changes in the bedding industry. But mattress producers and resellers are all the more impacted by shifting trends and evolutions.
Making innovations happen
- Our engineers develop innovative bedding concepts that take advantage of the opportunities arising in different markets and segments.
- Our collection is organized into 5 distinct styles, each one of them providing a wide range of designs and features.
- The novel iDC iPad application allows you to design and assemble on-screen a new mattress.
- Our QR codes will not only convince your resellers but also the end-users.
Ben Ducatteeuw, Group Innovation & Marketing Director at DesleeClama, explains:
“Our multidisciplinary team keeps an eye out for trends and technologies in sleeping from around the globe, in close cooperation with various research institutions and trend watchers. We translate these tendencies in iDC collections with exciting technologies and fabric designs. DesleeClama’s global presence gives us a good sense of the local sleeping needs in different parts of the world.”