Smart covers to fit all needs
DC-solutions produces tailor-made mattress covers made to your requirements.


Select your fabrics and if you want, we quilt them together.


Tell us your creative ideas and our design department will integrate them.


Add any of DesleeClama's range of functional finishes or processes.

Your business is one step ahead with DC Solutions

Your business is one step ahead with DC Solutions

Save time and hassle with DC Solutions

Save time and hassle with our high-quality mattress covers, toppers and pillows, tailored to your needs and wishes. 

Whether you already have a design in mind or want to consult our expertise, we make sure you get the best covers, toppers and pillows for your business.

You tell us the market segment, the product criteria, the price range, and our specialists will advise you about the most appropriate and cost-effective options.

Rely on DC Solutions to make your dream mattress come true.

Outstanding quality

Outstanding quality

Cooperate with the best professionals. 

DC solutions’ workers have been thoroughly trained in the art of mattress-making. Each cover is inspected and measured to make sure it perfectly fits your demands.

Our production units are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. Quality control procedures guarantee consistent quality throughout the entire production chain. 

DC Solutions commits itself fully to the AQL-standards.

Fast and flexible

Fast and flexible

Say goodbye to long delivery times.

With our own factories in Romania and Tunisia, we can produce your order more quickly and flexibly. 

The other advantage of running our own production facilities is that we can offer you both smaller and bigger quantities of your mattress cover. 

DC Solutions adapts its production to your needs.

Combined creativity

Combined creativity

Unleash your mattress creativity

We gladly produce your specific concept. Or you can avail of the expertise of our in-house design department that guides you through various design choices. 

Combine any of our fabrics, customized borders, colors, accessories, tape edges, embroidery and stitches. Enrich your concept with either multi-needle or single needle quilting, as well as embossing or ultrasonic welding. And add functionality to your mattress with our innovative finishes and processes.

DC Solutions composes your customers’ dream mattress.

A company with a history

A company with a history

Craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation.

DC Solutions is an innovative spin-off of DesleeClama, a family-owned mattress fabric producer that has been a reference in the industry for more than 85 years. 

DC Solutions makes your life easier by quilting your mattress fabric and transforming it into a mattress cover, topper or pillow. Thanks to our flexible approach, we can offer you creative and cost-effective mattress solutions.

We put our experience into your sleeping solution.


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